High Frequency Wand

High Frequency Wands: The New Frontier of Skincare Treatments

High frequency skincare wands represent an exciting advancement in at-home aesthetic technology. These portable devices use targeted electric currents to deliver safe, painless, clinical-grade treatment of common skin concerns like...

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Treating Acne and Breakouts with High Frequency Facial Wands

High frequency facial wands utilize different electrodes that thoroughly cleanse, disinfect, soothe inflammation and prevent recurring breakouts. Glass electrodes emit a cool purple glow while argon electrodes shine blue. Neon...

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How Does the High Frequency Wand Work?

A high frequency wand is a popular beauty tool that uses an alternating high voltage current to deliver hair styling, skin care, and other therapeutic benefits. This article provides a deep dive into what high frequency wands are, how the technology works, its history, applications for hair and skin, and tips for safe use.

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